Monday, 28 September 2009

Plastic Crack

Well last Friday, a large heavy box turned up for me at work. Upon opening I found it to be filled with goodies and packed with love and care by Adam from Alpha Hobbies in Brisbane. Enough ramblings, here's some of the stuff you can win at this year's COWCON:


Sunday, 20 September 2009

To4G Completion

Well I had intended to take photos of my progress along the way but always seemed to be a little to busy painting all of that purple. Today though the competition came to a close thankfully. I now have 1500 points of Slaanesh themed Warriors of Chaos and have played my first games with an entire army actually painted by me, which is a first in my 14 years or wargaming! I took some photos on my dodgy camera of the armies but will take some close ups of some of my models with the gf's better camera and some proper lighting. Enough of me blabbing, pics:

Wonna's Bretonnians line up Damo's Lizardmen

Damo feeling confident

Wonna concerned about "Exploding Magical Dinosaurs"

Damo's Terradons sweeping around a flank

Damo's Lizardmen

My Slaanesh Warriors of Chaos

Wonna's crusader themed Bretonnians

A game of Space Crusade going on at the club at the same time

Some of the players getting in some practice games for COWCON

James playing hide and seek with his Necrons