Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bray Park Alliance

Since moving down to Brisbane, I really haven't had much time (read as almost none) to do any wargaming related activities.  I did however make it down to the local club for my area, Bray Park Alliance.  I had a chat to several of the members and even got in a small 1000 point game against a Tau player. 

The facilities there are pretty nice with good tables, reasonable scenery and a nice hall to play in.  I'm heading around again this weekend to get in a practice game against "cassa" from WargamerAU who I talked wit last time.  Sisters versus Tyranids which should be good, and if were quick I might even get in a second game.

To deal with my lack of painting time, I've brought up some paints and models, although I have yet to dig out my paint brushes, but hopefully I can get some paint on figures tonight or tomorrow and just do a little each night.