Friday, 29 October 2010

Bling my ride

Well I had a lot of fun at Orktoberfest and got a reasonable amount of painting done on the Sisters before I went down.  I'm continuing to work on them in preparation for Madgrot Mackay next weekend.

I jumped onto Ebay today though and thought I'd share my find in my "recommended for you"section.
Saladin Armoured Car

Yes that's an armoured car for sale there minus the turret.  Awesomeness on six wheels.

The Saladin was a large and heavy armoured car, weighing at about 11.5 tonnes it was a six wheeled drive vehicle which bore many similarities to the WW2 American staghound, or M38, which were used in number by the British in 1945. The Saladin was armed with two machine guns, as well as a very powerful 76mm main gun. This vehicle was of the same 'family' as the FV603 Saracen armoured Personnel Carrier and the Ferret Scout Car. 

Photos of the sisters to come shortly along with a batrep I hope.


Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Summoned Greater Daemon of Tzeentch - WIP

The above is a model that I'm working on for a friend.  He put together the metal and plastic sections and I'm bulking up the rest and filling in with greenstuff as required.  This is by far the largest conversion and greenstuff job that I have ever done and really pushed my greenstuffing skills.  I'm certainly not very good (at least in my mind), but I have learnt a bit from doing this job and hopefully he likes it.  As far as further greenstuffing goes, I'm thinking about adding a small line of greenstuff around the bottom robe as a bit of a hem, but it will be tricky and time consuming (for my skills at least), and I want his input before I go ahead.  I would like to do further work on the back, but am not exactly sure how to approach it, so it'll probably stay how it is.

 A shot of the back of the model.  note the large amounts of sanding and filing because I suck.

A shot from the side, showing off the arrangement I cam up with for continuing the "belt" a little better.  I'm not entirely unhappy with that part of the model.