Saturday, 26 February 2011

Is there a point in time when you have too much?

As regular followers will know, I recently moved from Rockhampton to Brisbane in order to further my career a bit and try new things.  Doing so however meant that I needed to pack up all of my wargaming related stuff into boxes.  This wasn't too hard as I generally kept them in smallish boxes, so I just reorganised them a bit and them put them into larger packing boxes more suitable for moving.


Yeah that's most of my wargaming related stuff, although I realised that I'd mixed two more boxes and two army cases from that photo after I took it.  The only non wargaming related stuff in there is the Tai Chi swords and a fibreglass bow.

Whilst I was away looking for houses, I received the first stage of my Crimson Fists force including:
5 AoBR Terminators
2 AoBR Dreadnoughts
10 AoBR Tactical Marines
10 Terminator Shoulder Pads
5 Thunder Hammers
5 Storm Shields

This now gives me all of the infantry except for the Command Squad/Captain so I might get to put some stuff together soon.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photo, I will have to search out better lighting.


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Brisvegas and other stuff

Picture courtesy of my friend Elise

If you're wondering where I am and why I've dropped off the radar for a bit, well it's because I've been busy relocating from Rockhampton to Brisbane, a distance of over 650 kilometres.  Just a hop and a skip for those of you who live in Australia, but probably more substantial to those living across the pond.  If you've been following recent events, you'd know that Rockhampton was isolated for over two weeks by massive flooding, then Brisbane suffered heavy flooding doing massive damage, and to finish it off, North Queensland was hit by the largest cyclone ever recorded anywhere on Earth.  I chose a great time to try and relocate my belongings to another city...

All of this has been done for a bit of change of pace, including starting a new job which is a fair bit more hectic than my previous job.  We've just recently found a place to live permanently too, so I have to head back to Rockhampton in a week and a half to go and load all of our belongings, including the cat into a truck for the long drive down.  Unfortunately I only realised today that this means that I can't attend Quartermaster 1 to which I have already bought tickets for Sarah and I.  A damn shame as I was looking forward to it.

Hopefully I might be able to squeeze in some painting somewhere to add some more hobby content to the blog, or perhaps a batrep or two in the coming weeks, but time will be tight.  Until then, stay safe, and keep an eye out for giant cyclone monsters that look like the picture from the start.