Sunday, 20 December 2009

RSGA Apocalypse Game

Over the last few months I have been organising an Apocalypse game for the club. Here's a couple of photos that I took of the event. The forces were roughly divided into the forces of Goodish and the forces of Evilish.

The table before the forces arrived.

Forces of Goodish deployment (Including a scratch built Manta!).

Wonna's Imperial Guard deployed in force (How many lascannons?).

The forces of Evilish's weapon of mass destruction (Warlord Titan goodness).

The armies line up against each other.

The best use of "A word in your Ear" that I have ever seen (Apparently James looked threatening).

End of turn 1.

James finds a new friend.

Carnage is wrought in amongst the ruins.

An overall view of the battlefield.

It looked amusing to me at the time.

The Warlord's view of the fighting in front of it.

The Warlord from a Chaos Marine's viewpoint.

Rob removing his Manta after the Warlord decides that it didn't like it.

Following this event, the game went downhill for the forces of Goodish ending in a solid victory for the forces of Evilish.


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

In the works

Now that things have quietened down a little, I've started sorting out things to do to finish off existing projects and letting myself enjoy a few small projects also. On my plate at the moment, I have a unit of Chaos Warriors to put together and paint for my fantasy army. I've also started on a bloodbowl team.

This is also the first time ever that I've tried using a white undercoat. I'll have to use washes a fair bit which is also something fairly new to recreate the blacklining effects that I've started to use when painting models from a black undercoat. It's certainly proving to be a good learning experience and if it takes me longer, it doesn't matter so much with only 16 figures in total to paint.


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Mackay Madgrot 2009

After a bit of umming and ahhing I decided to go up to Mackay with some of the guys from the club to Madgrot. This is a 2000 point tournament and I really wasn't expecting much since I only added in a Falcon to my existing list and a few extra guys here and there. Below is a picture of what I took.

The tables were fairly bare and my first game was against IG on a table with a grand total of five pieces of terrain. I kept my opponent busy by tank shocking with my holo falcon up and down his lines each turn and managed to pull out a solid victory holding one objective and contesting the other two whilst having destroyed a sizable chunk of his force.

Game two saw me against another much tougher IG player. I opted for first turn but failed to do much with my shooting. His first turn saw both of my wave serpents and my falcon all burning on the ground. He spent the rest of the game staying away from me and pounding my units from afar for a crushing loss.

My third game saw me facing off against a Space Marine army (yay not guard!). We started the game off fairly cautiously with dawn of war deployment but i soon started racking up the kills. Unfortunately I over extended and charged my wraithlord, wraithguard and banshees into a unit of assault termies. I stupidly thought then that doom needed line of sight when it didn't. The end result of that combat was my banshees ran and he whittle down my wraithguard and killed my wraithlord over the rest of the game to finish with a draw.

I went off feeling like I wasn't going to place anywhere and we went out for tea.

Day two started off with me facing a tyranid army in spearhead deployment. I systematically destroyed his hive creatures and then focused on the now leaderless gaunts. The game finished on turn five giving me a crushing victory. Had it gone a turn longer probably would have earned me a massacre.

Game five had me paired against Frosty who had come up with me in the car. Unfortunately for him I got first turn and began the task of pinning his troops and preventing his hammerheads from firing. My wraithlord advanced through the centre taking fire from the Tau army allowing my vehicles to move up relatively peacefully. In the end I finished with another crushing victory.

My results for the weekend - third overall!


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Orktoberfest 2009

Leading up to Orktoberfest, I was hoping to field my sisters again, but due to the time constraints caused by running Cowcon, I simply didn't have time. Instead I decided to take my newly acquired Iyanden Eldar army along. I'd been using them a bit and starting to have some successes with them whilst also being a lot of fun to play.

Over the course of the weekend, I did alright and came around the middle which is where I expected to given my list and still not having played with it a lot. I did however have two awesome games. The first of which was against a horde style Tyranid army. I beat him but I think we both had a lot of fun. His list whilst not the most effective largely consisted of four unit of termagaunts with without number. My second great game was against Aaron Filmer who I played against in the previous year. We both had a lot of fun even though it was him demolishing my army this time instead of the other way around.


Monday, 7 December 2009

Warriors of Chaos

Well it's been quite a few busy months since my last update. I've barely had time to scratch myself. However I've finished my Christmas shopping, wrapped the presents and put them under the tree. Tonight I decided to finally catch up on all those photos that I'd been meaning to take.

They were taken on my crappy camera so they're not the best quality but I played around with the settings a bit to try and make them a little better. First cab off the rank is my Slaanesh chaos from the To4G.
Chaos Hounds

Chaos Knights

Warriors of Chaos

Chaos Sorcerer

Greater Deamon of Slaanesh (counted as Aspiring Hero riding a steed of Slaanesh)

Warriors of Chaos

Chaos Marauders


The entire 1500 point army.