Monday, 7 December 2009

Warriors of Chaos

Well it's been quite a few busy months since my last update. I've barely had time to scratch myself. However I've finished my Christmas shopping, wrapped the presents and put them under the tree. Tonight I decided to finally catch up on all those photos that I'd been meaning to take.

They were taken on my crappy camera so they're not the best quality but I played around with the settings a bit to try and make them a little better. First cab off the rank is my Slaanesh chaos from the To4G.
Chaos Hounds

Chaos Knights

Warriors of Chaos

Chaos Sorcerer

Greater Deamon of Slaanesh (counted as Aspiring Hero riding a steed of Slaanesh)

Warriors of Chaos

Chaos Marauders


The entire 1500 point army.