Sunday, 20 December 2009

RSGA Apocalypse Game

Over the last few months I have been organising an Apocalypse game for the club. Here's a couple of photos that I took of the event. The forces were roughly divided into the forces of Goodish and the forces of Evilish.

The table before the forces arrived.

Forces of Goodish deployment (Including a scratch built Manta!).

Wonna's Imperial Guard deployed in force (How many lascannons?).

The forces of Evilish's weapon of mass destruction (Warlord Titan goodness).

The armies line up against each other.

The best use of "A word in your Ear" that I have ever seen (Apparently James looked threatening).

End of turn 1.

James finds a new friend.

Carnage is wrought in amongst the ruins.

An overall view of the battlefield.

It looked amusing to me at the time.

The Warlord's view of the fighting in front of it.

The Warlord from a Chaos Marine's viewpoint.

Rob removing his Manta after the Warlord decides that it didn't like it.

Following this event, the game went downhill for the forces of Goodish ending in a solid victory for the forces of Evilish.


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