Monday, 28 April 2008

2008 Combat Patrol Tournament Roundup

Well the dust has settled and all of the gamers have gone home. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time for the day, with plenty of tight battles along the way (except for the crazy first round with 4 massacres!). We got off to a bit of a late start (due to a missing player and timely printer problems), but the day ended pretty much bang on time. At least this time I was awake when people started to arrive :-D

The placing were as follows:
1st - fester - Orks
2nd - Rob - Space Wolves
3rd - Justin - Witch Hunters
4th - Craig - Imperial Guard
5th - James - Necrons
6th - Wonna - Imperial Guard
7th - Damo - Ravenwing
8th - Brad - Space Marines

Before I finally finish rambling, and get onto showing you all the pics, I want to hear people's feedback. What did you like, what didn't you like, and what can be done better? The feedback that I receive for this tournament will help make later ones better for all involved.


Justin's Eversor gets in amongst the Necrons

Damo's Ravenwing Sgt. Vs Rob's Wolf Guard

One of the tables before too much carnage got underway

Games in full swing

The Eversor doesn't fair so well against the orks.

Wonna's Guard deploy into the ruins...

...but fester's Orks lay down a hail of fire...

...before swarming over the guardsmen.

fester's take and hold objective (Russbot)

Thursday, 17 April 2008

2008 Combat Patrol Tournament Update

I'm extending the deadline for payment and army lists. However, if you don't get the army list to me in time, you will score zero for Army Composition (as I need time to go over them and mark them).

Edit - Places are starting to fill up, so get your submissions in soon.


Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Deathwing Vs. Witch Hunters, 1500 Points

Belial studied the notes on the holo projector again. The priest Antonio had definitely come into contact with some space marines on this planet. All the signs pointed to the fallen marine supposedly in the area. Unfortunately the damned priest had been martyred when the chaos invasion had started on this planet. Belial scratched his chin again. The fact that he had become a martyr meant that getting a hold of the old priest’s notes would be difficult. The Ecclesiarchy didn’t let the possessions of a martyr out of their sight easily. Belial thought hard for a few seconds more before leaving the room. “Ready the men, we’ve got a smash and grab to do.”


Belial could see the ruins of part of the village in which Antonio had lived, his men advanced up behind some hedge rows, keeping an eye out for patrols. The Dark Angels hadn’t been cleared to operate in this area, and their presence so close to the village would not go down well at all. Squad Two pushed through the hedgerow, their Terminator armour easily breaking through the tangle of branches. An indicator in Belial’s helm winked to life, enemy forces detected. “All squads move out!”


The terrain setup

Cleanse – Omega level



Terminator Squad One, Terminator Squad Two, Belial.


Bishop(Inquisitor) and Retinue, Three Death Cult Assassins.


Eltnot Turn 1

The Death Cult Assassins stayed put behind the woods, waiting for the right time to spring out. The Bishop and his retinue opened up on Terminator Squad One, felling two of them behind the hedges with plasma bolts.

Damo Turn 1

Terminator Squads One and Two along with Belial advanced through the hedges. Meanwhile Terminator Squad Three deep struck down, scattering close to the Bishop and his followers.

All three squads and Belial opened up and killed the Bishop and his followers that were hiding in the trees.

Damo's Terminators behined the hedges

Eltnot Turn 2

In response to the firefight, all of my units except for one Battle Sister Squad and the Celestian Squad arrived. One exorcist deployed far right, whilst the other came on from the corner. Battle Sister Squad One’s Rhino rolled up and disembarked the Sisters in front of Terminator Squad Three that had deep struck last turn. The Seraphim jumped up alongside Battle Sister Squad One to lend some firepower. The Bishop’s empty Immolator rolled on from the right flank behind craters with Canoness hiding in its shadow. The shooting phase saw only the assault cannon wielding terminator survive from Terminator Squad Three. One of the Exorcists hoped for a lucky roll but only killed one Terminator from Squad One reducing them to two.

Damo steals the trees from a nearby wood to hide his squad, trying to convince me not to shoot at them...

Damo Turn 2

Only a single dreadnought arrives. It waddles on from his left flank and proceeds to destroy Battle Sister Squad One’s Rhino at long range. All of the Terminators open up on the Battle Sisters. Between squads One, Two and Belial, they only manage to kill two sisters due to bad rolls. The lone Terminator from Squad Three however kills two with his assault cannon before killing another three in hand to hand combat. The Battle Sisters of Squad One hold their ground.

Damo's Dreadnought takes out the Rhino at extreme range

The lone Terminator from Squad Three avenges his brothers

Eltnot Turn 3

The Celestians in their Immolator roll on from the far left flank, and move up popping smoke. The Canoness leaps across the crater near the Battle Sisters and the lone Terminator from Squad Three. Exorcist Two moves into the woods beside it for cover whilst Exorcist One moves for a better shot. The Seraphim squad jumps over the Battle Sisters in front of the Remnants of Terminator Squad One, opening up but failing to get through the armour. The Exorcists open up on Terminator Squad Two, but fail to kill any rolling poorly for shots, and Damo passing two invulnerable saves. The Canoness charges the lone terminator and fells him with her Blessed Weapon. The Seraphim fail to damage the two Terminators but pass their invulnerable saves.

Damo Turn 3

The Predator Annihilator and Vindicator roll on, from the middle of the left and right flanks respectively. Terminator Squad Two moves into the rocks ready to charge the Seraphim along with Belial. The Dreadnought moves for a shot and lines up Exorcist One taking its second kill for the game. The Predator takes a shot at the Celestian’s Immolator but only prevents it from shooting next turn. The Vindicator attempts to kill some of the Death Cults, but the shot scatters wildly into the trees. Belial and the Second Terminator Squad charge the Seraphim. In a flurry of blows, the Seraphim manage to fall a single Terminator from Squad One. In return, they fail to lose any to the massed powerfists (I passed somewhere in the region of about a dozen 3+ saves. Damo began cursing my fortune.). The Seraphim hit and run towards the Dreadnought intent on bring it down.

The Dreadnought takes it's second victim for the evening

The Seraphim make a move for the Dreadnought, as the Vindicator lines up the Death Cult Assassins

Eltnot Turn 4

The last Battle Sister squad arrives on the far left flank, and heads off towards the Vindicator, hiding from it behind a wood. The Celestian’s Immolator rolls up, and they get out in front of Terminator Squad Two, ready to fire. The Bishop’s Immolator and the Canoness also move up, along with the three survivors of Battle Sister Squad One. The Seraphim jump behind the Dreadnought and destroy it with their Inferno Pistols. Meanwhile the Death Cult Assassins head off towards the Vindicator to cause some trouble. The Canoness, Immolator, Celestians and Battle Sister Squad One open up on Terminator Squad Two, but only manage to kill two of them thanks to Damo’s saves. The Canoness charges into the Terminators, but Battle Sister Squad One fails to make it through the rocks to assist. In hand to hand, the Canoness manages to drop another Terminator, whilst her 2+ invulnerable save keeps her alive.

The Seraphim exact their revenge on the ancient walker

Damo Turn 4

Damo’s second Dreadnought arrives behind the Seraphim. The Predator pivots to bring its guns to bear on the Seraphim, but fails to hit or wound with everything. The lone Terminator from Squad One and the Dreadnought also fire on the Seraphim, killing two. The Vindicator again targets the Death Cult Assassins but the shot scatters. Belial shoots and then charges the Celestians, killing five of them. The last fails to hurt him, and is cut down as the attempts to flee. He consolidates into the Canoness after she deals with the last two Terminators of Squad Two. The Dreadnought charges the Seraphim, but fails to kill any, and they hit and run towards the Predator.

Eltnot Turn 5

The Death cults once again head towards the Vindicator, aiming for its rear armour. The Seraphim move alongside the Predator, destroying it with Krak grenades after the Inferno Pistols fail to stop it entirely. The resulting explosion kills one of the girls leaving a smoking crater in front of them. The two Immolators move up to the lone Terminator from Squad One, and douse him in flames, burning him up. The Exorcist moves behind the woods that it was in to safely secure my deployment zone as it had no targets. The remnants of Battle Sister Squad One charge into the fray alongside the Canoness. I hand to hand, the Veteran Sister Superior manages to fell Belial after losing one of the own to his attacks. The Canoness consolidates towards the Dreadnought, whilst the Battle Sister Squad heads towards the Vindicator.

Damo Turn 5

The Dreadnought turns to face the Seraphim, killing two of them. Meanwhile the Vindicator trundles forward and fires at the two remaining sisters of Squad one, killing them both.

The Vindicator finally manages to kill something

Eltnot Turn 6

The remaining Seraphim jump over the Dreadnought, along with the Canoness. The Bishop’s Immolator makes a dash for Damo’s Deployment Zone. The Death Cults try to get to the Vindicator, but only two manage to assault it, one failing to get over the hedges quickly enough. I forgot to shoot the last Seraphim at the dreadnought, so she charged along with the Canoness. The last Seraphim manages to immobilise the Dreadnought, whilst the Canoness failed to do any more then stun it. Battle Sister Squad Two gets out of their transport to claim that table quarter, and their Rhino heads towards the Vindicator.

Damo Turn 6

The Vindicator fires at the Rhino but again misses. In hand to hand, the Dreadnought kills the last Seraphim for no damage in return.

Eltnot Turn 7

The Bishop’s Immolator rolled up alongside the Vindicator, but failed to hurt it with it’s Heavy Flamers. Two of the Death Cults manage to get around to it’s rear armour, immobilising it and destroy it’s Demolisher Cannon. The Canoness and Dreadnought fail to hurt each other.

Damo Turn 7

The Canoness and Dreadnought again fail to hurt each other.

Result: Victorious Slaughter to the Witch Hunters

I had some good luck in this game, particularly when it came to making saves. Whilst Damo got a bit shafted with his reserves rolls. It was good fun none the less, and we both got to drive vehicles through the nice new hedges...