Monday, 28 April 2008

2008 Combat Patrol Tournament Roundup

Well the dust has settled and all of the gamers have gone home. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time for the day, with plenty of tight battles along the way (except for the crazy first round with 4 massacres!). We got off to a bit of a late start (due to a missing player and timely printer problems), but the day ended pretty much bang on time. At least this time I was awake when people started to arrive :-D

The placing were as follows:
1st - fester - Orks
2nd - Rob - Space Wolves
3rd - Justin - Witch Hunters
4th - Craig - Imperial Guard
5th - James - Necrons
6th - Wonna - Imperial Guard
7th - Damo - Ravenwing
8th - Brad - Space Marines

Before I finally finish rambling, and get onto showing you all the pics, I want to hear people's feedback. What did you like, what didn't you like, and what can be done better? The feedback that I receive for this tournament will help make later ones better for all involved.


Justin's Eversor gets in amongst the Necrons

Damo's Ravenwing Sgt. Vs Rob's Wolf Guard

One of the tables before too much carnage got underway

Games in full swing

The Eversor doesn't fair so well against the orks.

Wonna's Guard deploy into the ruins...

...but fester's Orks lay down a hail of fire...

...before swarming over the guardsmen.

fester's take and hold objective (Russbot)

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