Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie WiP

I received my second platoon in the mail about a week ago so I've been putting them together ready for this Sunday. Wonna and I are planning to escalate our games to 1000 points and play on a full board. I'm hoping to get the putty onto the bases before the weekend and undercoat everything on Saturday. I'll also have to knock up a few more building, roads and a stream before the day so that we can have a decent table. I have some blue cardboard that I bought when I picked up the stuff for my roads so I'll use that for now.

We hope to do a batrep from our game too so look out for that.



ScannableGoose said...

Very cool.
That's a boat load of half-track you have there now!
Keen to see the report and the terrain and the painted figs!

Wonna said...

Looking forward to it. By the way, my IL-2 flight has shipped >:)