Thursday, 8 July 2010

Prince Yriel's Raiders

Well I received a package today at work that I had been expecting with a couple of jetbikes inside.  These are for what is to be my next big army that I have been collecting.  I won't go into to many details now, excpet that I have spent a long time collecting these guys, hunting on Ebay and various buy and sell forums.  Enough of the boring stuff, here's the pic:

As you can see, a lot of stuff needs to be stripped, so they'll be getting the simple Green treatment over the coming months.  I quickly wrote down everything that I have to for future reference when working out what I do and don't need.

1x Farseer
2x Warlocks with Singing Spears
19x Storm Guardians
31x Defender Guardians
17x Generic Guardians (without arms)
9x Heavy Weapon Guardians
2x D Cannons with crew
6x Rangers
9x Swooping Hawks
1x Swooping Hawk Exarch
1x Banshee Exarch
3x Fire Dragons
1x Fire Dragon Exarch
5x Assassin Drones
4x Executioner Drones
11x Dire Avengers
1x Dire Avenger Exarch
13x Jetbikes (-1 Handlebars, -3 rider torsos, -1 rider legs)
4x Shrieker Jetbikes
6x War Walkers (-1 Power Plant)
1x Vampire Dreadnought (-1 Power Plant)
2x 3rd Ed Dreadnoughts (probably won't be used)
2x Wave Serpents
1x Falcon
10x Arm Sprues +1 incomplete
9x Weapon Sprues +2 incomplete
8x Scatter Lasers
4x Lascannons
3x Heavy Plasma Guns
2x Missile Launchers
2x Small Tripods
2x Large Tripods
2x Hover Platforms
6x Gun Shields
2x Weapon Mounts



ScannableGoose said...

That's a boat-load of Eldar!
You have WAY too much 40k stuff.
I shall have to further your education in the gentle art of not-40k. ;)

Eltnot said...

I'm deliberately collecting more than I need to build the army. that so that as the codex changes over the years, I don't have to hunt down increasingly rarer models to make it work on the table. Future proofing the force if you will.