Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Awesome Girlfriend!

No, my girlfriend hasn't hijacked my blogger account and is posting randomly.  This last weekend I went away to Mackay to play in a tournament and when I got home, I received a rather belated Birthday present.  She had ordered it over a month before my birthday in August and it only just arrived in the shop last week.

I intend to put it to very good use on my Tau and probably also helping to put down base coats on her Daemons.  I've put a cooler that I received for entering into the tournament beside it for scale.



Anonymous said...

Firstly, congrats! While I've never used one for 40k, but airbrushes are awesome in general and just one of those things every remotely artistic person should own.

Secondly, that cooler is probably the coolest piece of tournament swag ever! How is it that nobody else does that? It's such a small, but awesome and useful thing to give out.

Did you win it? Or was it just for attending?

Eltnot said...

Got it just for attending. The tournament was put on by the new owner of the LGS up there and he decided to give them out as part of entering. It also had the added benefit of meaning that cans of coke weren't put on the gaming mats to leave red circles of condensation everywhere.

An idea that we might steal for Cowcon and that I should pass onto fester for Centurion.

I'll need to get some more supplies so that I can properly clean and thin the paint before I start using, but I have a butt load of Tau tanks and suits to paint with it.