Thursday, 4 February 2010

Battle Report - Eldar vs Tyranids

I decided to challenge Dan to a game tonight to get in some practice with my Eldar against the new Tyranids which I know will be out in force for the upcoming Quartermaster tournament. We rolled up a Capture and Control, Dawn of War with Dan winning the choice of sides.

The picture below shows mine and his deployments and his first turn of movement. My objective is in the open below and to the left of the crater, Dan's objective is located in the trees directly above the ruins as shown in the picture.
His shooting was mostly ineffective, killing two of the Rangers hiding in the woods.

I then proceeded to move most of my force on, leaving my two units of guardians and the guardian jetbikes in reserve. The dire Avengers spread out to minimize the amount of hits from Dan's three biovores, lobbing spores from the rear.
My turn one's shooting saw the majority of the termagaunts hiding in the ruins eliminated as my Dire Avengers opened up on them.
Dan's force moved forward across all front except for the Warriors hiding in the other ruins who positioned themselves better for shooting. The termagaunt and the (proxy) Alpha Warrior ran out of the ruins and into the crater hoping to get to grips with the Eldar next turn. Dan's Dethleeper showed up and he placed him near my rangers. I lost a few Dire Avengers to the Biovores and took a wound on my Farseer.

In my turn two, my wave serpent carrying the banshees moved around to flank the oncoming wave of bodies, hoping to force him to fight on two fronts. I tried to guide my war Walkers but failed due to my lowered leadership courtesy of the Deathleeper. I did however doom the gaunts in the crater and the combined shooting of my infantry killed all of them and reduce the (proxy) Alpha Warrior to his last wound. The War Walkers also nailed a Ravenor with their krak missiles. The Wraithguard got out of the transport and fired at the Deathleeper. Hitting four times with my waraithguns and rolling three sixes causing instant death but Dan passed all of his saves taking only a single wound from the Spiritseer's destructor. They finished him off in combat though.
In Dan's third turn, the Ymgarl Stealers pooped out of the crater and proceeded to charge my guardians and avengers. Six wounds later, he'd broken and caught both of my squads along with my Farseer before consolidating back into the crater.
My Jetbikes and other squad of guardians then arrived, hoping to contain the new threat. Their shooting killed half of the stealers before they charged in, killing the remainder in combat. shooting from Wraithlord and Wave Serpent finally took down the Alpha Warrior whilst the other Wave Serpent nailed a Zoanthrope.
The following turn, Dan's remaining Zoanthrope penetrated my Wave Serpent carrying the Wraithguard. The Hormogaunts then charged out from the line, and killed the Spiritseer and two of the Wraithguard with their poisoned attacks.
The following turn, my Wraithlord failed his wraithsight test and I decided to concede the game as it was getting late. Without the Wraithlord to charge and hold up the termagaunts, I could only really hope for a draw and that was if I was lucky.

Congrats to Dan on his win. We both made a few mistakes during the game.

Dan's mistakes:
He should have kept popping the Deathleeper back into reserve so that is could come out on turn five right next to the objective,or turn four ready to charge in if I had it well secured.

Tom's mistakes:
Maybe I should have placed the objective elsewhere hoping to split Dan's line more, creating more gaps to slip through.
I shouldn't have spread the Dire avengers out so much when I brought them on, it meant that Dan's stealers could charge both units easily instead of just one.


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