Tuesday, 29 June 2010

FoW - How to make Fields

A while back I came across the idea for making wheat fields out of door mats on the FoW forums.  I tried to track something suitable at all of the hardware stores, but the closest thing I could find was over $15 AU and I'd have to peel off the glued on felt like substance that said "Welcome" on it in bright green.  It wasn't until about a month ago that I popped into a thread created by "Big Gav".  Big Gav happens to be my current source of inspiration for FoW terrain building, the stuff that man makes is amazing.  In this instance however, he was pointing out that the mats that he buys to make wheat fields can be bought from Target and they were having 30% off.  I popped into Target a week later and picked up two coir mats for $14 AU, brilliant!  Here's how it works:

Step 1.
Get the mat, turn it over and mark out how you want to cut it up.  In half and quarters is ideal.  Do all of this outside as it excess matting comes off the mat and makes things messy.

Step 2.
Carefully cut the rubber of the mat along the line you just marked out.  Take two or three goes slicing slightly deeper each time, making sure your lines are straight.

Step 3.
Take your sections of wheat field and lay them with the rubber side up.  Use PVA glue to run a fine line along one edge of the rubber.  Push static grass against it to cover the black rubber.  Do this with the opposite side and then let it dry for an hour or so.  Once it's dry do the remaining two sides.

Your wheat field is now complete.  Happy gaming.


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Anonymous said...

I don't play flames of war, but quite a few of the guys at my local club do and the have some really nice scenery. This is what they use for fields of crops too. Some of theirs have burnt out circles amongst them.

I think it's designed to make it look like shells have landed, but I like to think they're UFO landing sites.