Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Sisters of Battle Armylist Update

Well Games Workshop has released "new" PDF's of the With Hunter and Daemon Hunter Codices.  I use the term "new" loosely as all that has been done is removal of the allies and inducted options.  QM3 will be allowing the use of the old paperbacks, but I feel that I might as well build my army according to the "new" versions.  If I use my inducted guard platoon, then it just means I have to paint more models straight after in case Orktoberfest or other tournaments that I intend to attend don't allow it.  After some thought, I've decided to keep my changes minimal and replace the platoon with a squad of Storm Troopers in a Chimera.  I already have a squad of these guys that just need to be stripped.  I'll use my missionary model who is wielding a plasmagun to the unit.  Game wise, he'll just count as a regular Storm Trooper, but fluff wise he's a favoured clergy member.  To protect him on his travels the church has appointed him a unit of bodyguards to protect him as he leads the way along the path of righteousness into battle.  The less questions said about where he got the Chimera from, the better.

I'd like to convert the Chimera a little instead of using a stock standard one.  The main reason being is that the WH codex version only has two fire points and no ability to fire the lasguns, so they need to go.  Here's a few models of other people's that I'm using for inspiration:
I like this one the most.

I've gotten my hands on an older model with the individual road wheels making this conversion a possibility also.

This is a similar example to the first one.

In light of doing this conversion, I also went down to the local Hobby store and picked up a small saw for cutting through the plastic.  I picked up two sets of blades so that I can have some finer control over my cutting.  I also grabbed some fresh blades for my hobby knife as my current ones are getting a bit old and dull.  I'll let you all know how the saw works out as this is the first time I've tried anything like this before.


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