Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Bob the Piratical Preacher

I meant to finish this model about a week ago but life has been finding lots of ways to make painting time non existent.  I finally had a chance to sit down and get him finished tonight.  He's part of my Witch Hunters army and is normally fielded as a regular IST albeit holding a plasmagun.  The reason for getting him finished apart from getting the army done is that I'm entering him Bolter and Chainsword's Blood Duel competition.  If he beats anyone, I'll be impressed as his entry is a bit of a joke.  I'm not entirely sold on his base and might put a was on it to bring back some of the depth again.

Edit - I'm not super happy with his robes and his plasmagun could do with some highlights I think.  Undecided on whether to do any text on his parchment or not as well.  Thoughts and suggestions welcome.

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ScannableGoose said...

Praise the Emper-aargh, me harties!