Monday, 2 August 2010

Chimera WIP Part 3

Well the Chimera is now about as finished as it's going to get before QM3, at least in the building department.  I may add some extra details like stowage and stuff later though.  I'll undercoat it tomorrow in the morning.

I've used plasticard to make the hatches.  I thought about adding rivets but after spending 3 minutes trying to cut plastic rod to size and then also realising that I don't have tweezers handy, I decided to give them a miss at least for the time being.  I added an Imperial Eagle to spice up the blank front plate and have added a groove to the rear hatch.  I may glue some handles on there before I spray it tomorrow.



fester said...

Needs more rivets!

Soft, soft I say. You will never manage to do that Ork Army if you cant manage some rivets on a Chimera!

Eltnot said...

I probably could but when I realised I didn't have any tweasers to use to glue them on, it would have turned out crap.

fester said...


You use the point of your modelling knife.