Thursday, 29 April 2010


Just a quick post to update what I've been up to lately.

I haven't been painting much - overall very slack in this area at the moment. I will be working on some scenery though tonight and tomorrow in preparation for Gladstone's 40k tournament that's on this weekend.

My girlfriend Sarah has shown an interest in playing Warhammer and has decided to play in the Gladstone tournament this weekend using my housemate's Tyranid army. I've spent the last two weeks teaching her how to play properly and she's getting the hang of things. Hopefully she can come away with a win or two from the tournament.

Whilst up in Cairns at the beginning of the month I picked up a copy of Blood Bowl quite cheaply so when time frees up again I'll pull it out for a few games and get my Dark Elf team (the West Coast Raiders) put together and hopefully painted.

I've also played a few games of Flames of War. I had meant to bring my camera along, but forgot and so wasn't able to record getting even with Wonna. I also played a game against one of the other club members who has US rifles. It was his first game but even so he did fairly well and it was very daunting to face all the artillery.

Lastly, Wonna and I played another game of Flames at my house and I have taken photos. I'm halfway through writing the batrep but probably won't have time to finish it until after the weekend as I'm going to see Ironman 2 tonight.



ScannableGoose said...

Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy on the gaming front!
I'm still bogged down in the work/renovating game. It's a lot of fun - you should totally give it a go!
What's this I hear about you possibly heading down our way on a more permanent basis? Rumour?... Innuendo?....

Eltnot said...

Yeah, will be looking to move at the end of the year most likely to allow Sarah better work prospects. Will draw the line in the sand in a few months as to whether we are going or not, but the answer is most likely.

Assuming we do, we'll probably look for work and a place to live somewhere or the Northern side of Brisbane so as to be close to you and Ally.

On the plus side it will make attending tournaments easier as I won't have to travel long distances in the car just to attend.